Key Party .co

Gentlemen's Cryptocurrency Game

Only 4900 certificates will be sold at 1 LTC each

1st Prize - 3000 LTC
2nd Prize - 500 LTC
3rd Prize - 400 LTC
4th Prize - 300 LTC
5th Prize - 200 LTC
6th Prize - 100 LTC

Key Party Details

Current round of certificates started Jan 1, 2018
and ends Jan 31, 2018.
Odds of winning depend on
total number of certificates sold.
Void where prohibited.

Limited Participants

The Gentlemen's List will be limited to 10,000 participants. Please only join if you're interested in playing with us. Currently, the list is at [1,388].

Purchase certificates using the button below.
Be sure to use an email that you check,
because that is how we notify the winners.


What is Key Party?
Key Party is a cryptocurrency game similar to a private raffle. Winners are chosen at random and notified via email.
We do not advertise.
We use LTC for its sentimental value only.

How did Key Party start?
Before this site was created, we were only an email list of close cryptocurrency traders/devs playing for 490 LTC. Due to the demand, we have decided to raise the stakes and grow our Gentlemen's List from 350 participants to 10,000. We will close this website once the list reaches 10,000 and continue playing monthly.

What happens if not all certificates are sold?
In the event that Key Party does not receive 4900 paid certificates for the month, Key Party reserves the right to substitute the first prize as follows: After awarding the second through sixth prizes, the remaining proceeds less expenses will be awarded to the first prize winner.

Can I buy more than 1 certificate?
Yes. However, there is a limit of 49 certificates (1%).

Is there a list of winners?
No. This is a privately held game spread only through word-of-mouth. Most of us have been playing for over a year and greatly care about our privacy.

How will I know if I won or lost?
Winners are notified via email on the 1st of every month. If you have not received an email on the 1st, but instead received an invitation to join us on the 2nd, we certainly wish you better luck on the next round.

Why should I trust that Key Party is not a scam?
If you heard of us through any means other than a good friend or gentlemen you respect, then you might have come to this conclusion already. We honor that and praise your skepticism. However, if you are intrigued, we recommend joining the Gentlemen's List.